Professional treatment PROBIOME PEEL

The innovative, state-of-the-art treatment that deeply replenishes your skin. With visible results from day one, PROBIOME PEEL is the professional treatment with maximum restorative properties. 5 highly effective peelings, formulated with a specific combination of acids specially suited to every skin type. A personalised, advanced, safe and easy-to-apply treatment that offers excellent skin regeneration./h2> 1. PRE-PEELING – Prepares the skin with a unique combination of degreaser and protection. 2. PERSONALISED PEELING – Application of the specific chemical acid selected by skin type and need. 3. POST-PEELING – Neutralisation and intense nourishment phase with the multivitamin concentrate. 4. CARE AND PROTECTION – End of treatment with the application of the innovative Multibiotic Restoring Complex.

Global Lift In-Salon Treatment

Global Lift Advanced Cosmetic
in-Salon Treatment for a firming effect and facial volume restoration.

The [ProGEN-in] technology is based on the action of three specific active ingredients: biomimetic Elafin peptide, Menyanthes trifoliata extract and α-glucans and Rhamnogalacturonans
from black pepper (Piper nigrum).

Aquatherm In-Salon Beauty Treatment

Professional O2 Aquatherm rebalancing treatment, created specifically for sensitive and/or reactive skin.

Specially developed treatment for sensitive and reactive skin problems, bringing immediate relief as well as treating the signs of premature skin ageing.

Megan Hi tech Performing cosmetics

The cosmetics of the future

Can the combination of cosmetics and Tri Synergy Tech™ take technology to the next level?
The smart formulas in Hi-Tech Performing Cosmetics, together with Tri Synergy Tech™, are specially designed to effectively deliver the active ingredients to the different layers of the skin, even the deepest ones.
Your skin improves and regenerates in a remarkable way. The cosmetics of tomorrow are already here today and within your reach.

Megan by Skeyndor


Discover the most advanced technological, cosmetic innovation. MEGAN brings you closer to the future and helps you care for and improve your skin with a system that brings extraordinary cell regeneration from the deepest layers of skin tissue. This not this is no sci-fi movie. MEGAN is the reality of technology, developed by Skeyndor and based on the most ground-breaking beauty science techniques. The culmination of the knowledge and experience of 50 years of research.

V- Shape Lifting – Global Lift

V-shape lifting home care for neck, chin and neckline
15-Day treatment for neck, chin and neckline

Use both in the morning and at night for two weeks. Apply a small amount of V-SHAPE Serum and gently massage into the skin until it is fully absorbed. Then, apply the V-SHAPE Cream and massage into the skin to help it be absorbed.

Once a week, apply the V-SHAPE CONTOURING MASK. After the serum, place the mask on the double chin area as shown in the diagram. It is important that the mask is correctly placed on the chin, allowing it to be exposed for 20 to 25 minutes.

For a more intense effect, we recommending following the steps given in the V-SHAPE RITUAL.

Compact Bronzing Powder – Vitamin C Age Preventing Powder

High-coverage compact bronzing powder. Inspired by skin care treatments. Powder texture that retexturises and smooths skin like a cream. Includes Vitamin C and ceramides which improve skin brightness and natural hydration levels. Adheres to skin with a smooth satin finish, very comfortable even for dry or sun-stressed skin. Includes Matrix Technology which guarantees a higher amount of emollients for a more comfortable skin. Available in 2 different shades.

THE SKINCARE MAKE UP, the skin perfecting makeup range. A complete skin diagnosis, treatment and perfecting system, THE SKIN PERFECTIONIST achieves flawless skin with a very natural finish.

Highlight Powder Duo – Ultra Soft Powder

Ultra smooth, duo-shade “Build up” powder that can be used as highlighter, blush or bronzer, for contouring and even as eyeshadow. Gives a luminous pearlescent finish that is fully adaptable to your needs. Includes FOCUS and LIGHT FLEX technology to ensure a smooth, light finish and give the skin a luminous glow. This versatile product can be used as a “spotlight” to highlight specific areas, as blush or tan enhancer, for contouring and even as eyeshadow.

THE SKINCARE MAKE UP, the skin perfecting makeup range. A complete skin diagnosis, treatment and perfecting system, THE SKIN PERFECTIONIST achieves flawless skin with a very natural finish.


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