Timeless Prodigy In-Salon Treatment

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Timeless Prodigy in-salon treatment. The Timeless Prodigy ritual is an exclusive treatment with special rituals inspired by the most refined, selective treatments

Global ultra anti-ageing line with evolutionary, multi-gene action. It acts on the cell genesis activators, producing an increase in the number of cells; cell quality enhancers that lengthen the half-life of our cells and delay the onset of their senescence period and finally cell functionality enhancers that boost the functional efficacy of the cell.


Timeless Prodigy professional in-salon treatment contains D-Tox Champagne Jelly: Delicate melting jelly made from French champagne, an antioxidant elixir enriched with a polysaccharide from French Polynesia that purifies the skin from the urban pollutants that age it prematurely.
Multi-factor 5FC vial:
Proteoglycan fluid and 5 FC specially selected and formulated to guarantee its topical activity. Damask rose stem cell concentrate:
6 M Damask Rose stem cell concentrate, stabilised in a liquid gel of very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. 3D collagen mesh to stimulate and firm the skin. Multivitamin antioxidant cocktail:
Rich multivitamin complex. Synergistic combination of three moisturising and antioxidant vitamins that instantly stimulate,strengthen and nourish the skin.
White Truffle redensifying cream: Luxury emulsion for a sublime finish.


Recommended for 40-year-old or prematurely aged skin.


Regenerates, retexturises, anti-wrinkle, redensifies, revitalises, hydrates, fills, lifts, immediate anti-wrinkle effect, detoxifies, antioxidant, anti-pollution, brightens, energises, moisturises and firms.


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