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Special Kit Timeless Prodigy.The perfect blend of luxury and science through a unique sensory experience. Amazing results to shine this Xmas.

Special kit Timeless Prodigy,
the perfect gift , the global ultra anti-ageing treatment to definitively fight the signs of ageing skin.


Timeless Prodigy kit have 2 different kits, THE CREAM for dry or THE SERUM for combination skin. Also include a limited edition called The Lift & Glow drops that it comes in a luxurious 15ml dropper.


The Timeless Prodigy Christmas Kit includes:

THE CREAM  global ultra anti-ageing moisturising cream or THE SERUM ultra anti-ageing global moisturising serum, with more than 15 active ingredients.

THE CREAM for normal to dry skin or THE SERUM for normal to combination skins.

The kit also include a limited edition called The Lift & Glow drops.

And it is perfect to complete the skincare routine to ensure your clients look their best for all those festive occasions with loved ones.

This amazing product has an instant Lift & Glow effect.

It brightens and illuminates the skin. It also improves firmness and diminishes wrinkles.It comes in a luxurious 15ml dropper.


The perfect combination of beauty rejuvenating techniques. Radiance, firmness, vitality, increased density and smoothing of wrinkles.

And the benefits from The Lift & Glow drops  are instant Lifting & Glowing effect, Brightens and illuminates the skin, Improves Firmness, Softens Wrinkles

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