Power C+ Kit

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Special Kit Power C+, the most powerful antioxidant combination ever created.

Special Power C+ Kit,the perfect gift to brighten the skin and give the face a visibility younger complexion.


Power C+ Kit have 2 different kits,for dry or for combination skin.
Also include PowerC Serum and power c+ eye contour.


The Power C+ Christmas Kit includes:

Power C energising emulsion 50ml suitable for normal to combination skins. High antioxidant power, glowing effect on the skin, powerful anti-free radical action to shield skin against sun damage, increases collagen production, melanogenesis-inhibiting action with mild lightening effect on blemishes and minor dyschromia.
or Power C moisturizing Cream anti-oxidant day cream for a more radiant glowing effect. Suitable for normal to dry skin. Also includes Power C+ 12.5% antioxidant Brightening serum Triple antioxidant action that acts as a barrier against photoaging of the skin, radiant skin glow effect, powerful stimulator of collagen production, evens out blemishes and lightens minor dyschromia.
Also includes, power c+ eye contour , high antioxidant power, glowing effect on the eye contour area, reduces dark circles, small wrinkles, eyelid puffiness and bags under the eyes.


Power C+ cream for normal to dry skin.
Power C+ Emulsion for normal to combination skins.


Formulated to brighten and even out skin tone.

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