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It is very common that
every day we focus only on taking care of the skin of our face and that we
forget about the rest of the body. But we must bear in mind that treating
body skin is not only a matter of aesthetics and summer, but of health and
must be done all year round
: moisturise< /strong>, care for it, repair it
and protect itshould be part of our daily beauty routine.

In summer it is more
frequent that we take care of ourselves because that is when the body is most exposed (on the
beach, swimming pool, with summer clothes …) and also because the sun requires a
continuous application of sunscreen and subsequent aftersun
, but we cannot
stop taking care of it in winter, since this season has its own Challenges:
cold causes all skins to dehydrate, causing dryness. Have you
noticed that now that the cold begins, the skin tends to ‘flake’? It is because it
lacks a point of hydration.

Furthermore, just as it happens with the skin of the face, over the years, the skin of the body it becomes finer, causing the water in it to evaporate; That’s why spending a few minutes a day moisturizing it ensures that it can have elasticity.

In this blog post we will tell you which Skeyndor products you can use and how you can include them in your daily life:

Body Serum with orchid extract and wild roses

body emulsion cares and rebalances all skin types. Its
innovative texture combines lightness and comfort with hydration adapting
to all the needs of the skin

In addition, it is formulated
from a selection of red flower extracts with depurative and purifying properties.

Anti-cellulite cream for rebel areas

Thanks to its
content of caffeine and raspberry ketones, this anti-cellulite cream manages to stimulate< br /> the elimination of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, if you are worried about excess
volume or roundness, apply it every morning with upward massages and with
moderate pressure for one minute.

Anti-cellulite-draining gel

On the other hand, if
you especially want to improve circulation problems and
fluid retention
, this formula with green coffee extract and yerba mate
helps to eliminate excess volume and stylize the body contour. With just one minute of massage every morning, you will see its effects very soon.

Biphasic night reducer Oil & Tonic

Even if you opt
for the Rebellious-zone anti-cellulite cream as per the Draining anti-cellulite gel, complete the treatment by applying this oil at night
with a unique formula that allows the skin to reduce
orange and reshape the silhouette while we sleep
. Once again, it will only take you
a minute of massage until you get the total absorption of the product.

Remodeling Body Mud

For < strong>strengthen the remodeling effect of anti-cellulite and night reducer, we recommend using this body mud once or twice a week. Body exfoliation provides numerous benefits to our skin, since it allows the removal of dead cells. In addition to helping us achieve a softer, smoother and more luminous complexion, peeling prepares the skin so that it can better absorb the active ingredients of the treatments.

Skin Sculptor stretch marks and flaccidity

If you are looking to prevent and soften the appearance of stretch marks and combat the signs of flaccidity in the skin, this cream can become your greatest ally.

In addition, it contains a multivitamin formula enriched with cupuaçu butter.

Slim Drone Double drone cream gel

The objective The
purpose of this gel is to soften orange peel skin, volume and flaccidity in the
abdomen area and stylize the contour of the legs in less than 30 days

recommendation, to perform a 100% intensive treatment, is to combine
the gel with a couple of drops of the
Double booster remodeling drone. The active ingredients of this booster
are so intense that even if we want to reduce
or improve a specific area, we can apply the booster only in the rebel
areas and the cream in the rest. of the body.

Important: the best time to apply the body cream
is after a shower, even with damp skin, so that the
absorption is efficient. Another point to keep in mind is that we should wait
for the body to absorb all the products before getting dressed

Remember to ask
an appointment at your trusted Skeyndor beauty center
so that our
experts can correctly diagnose and analyze your skin. Also, remember
that all these products are also available in our e-commerce.

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