Timeless Prodigy In-Salon Treatment

Timeless Prodigy in-salon treatment. The Timeless Prodigy ritual is an exclusive treatment with special rituals inspired by the most refined, selective treatments

Global ultra anti-ageing line with evolutionary, multi-gene action. It acts on the cell genesis activators, producing an increase in the number of cells; cell quality enhancers that lengthen the half-life of our cells and delay the onset of their senescence period and finally cell functionality enhancers that boost the functional efficacy of the cell.

Eternal In-Salon Treatment

The Eternal in-salon treatment is a professional regenerative treatment that gives global, long-lasting and anti-ageing results.

Global Lift In-Salon Treatment

Global Lift Advanced Cosmetic
in-Salon Treatment for a firming effect and facial volume restoration.

The [ProGEN-in] technology is based on the action of three specific active ingredients: biomimetic Elafin peptide, Menyanthes trifoliata extract and α-glucans and Rhamnogalacturonans
from black pepper (Piper nigrum).

Corrective In-Salon Treatment

Corrective triple-action anti-wrinkle in-salon treatment

The cosmetic treatment that reduces deep wrinkles and expression lines
quickly and effectively.
This innovative combination of triple-action mechanisms in a single treatment, peeling, firming and relaxing, effectively smooths the deepest of wrinkles.

Power C+ In-Salon Treatment

Power C+ ANTIOX-BRIGHTENING Programme 35% in-Salon Treatment.

Energising, Antioxidant and Brightening Treatment, 25% vit. C derivative
+ 10% pomegranate + Açaí HG extract

Power Hyaluronic In-Salon Treatment

Power Hyaluronic beauty salon treatment.
Balances the skin’s natural hydrodynamics for optimal hydration .

Power Hyaluronic enhances the skin’s natural hydrodynamics by combining hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights with a potent aquaporin activator. Professional visible results in just one session, 100% ultra moisturising, 90% improvement to dehydrated wrinkles, continuous hydration for 24 hours

Power Hyaluronic In-Salon Eye Treatment

Power Hyaluronic HA In-Salon Eye Contour and Eyelash Treatment. Eyelashes are a first line of defence for your eyes, keeping airborne dirt, dust, lint and other debris from reaching the delicate eye tissues.

Bad makeup removal techniques, a poor diet, lack of hydration, exposure to the sun or simply the passage of time cause eyelashes to weaken and eventually break or be shed. Make your eyelashes strong and healthy with the Power Hyaluronic HA in-salon treatment for eye contour and eyelashes.

Power Retinol In-Salon Treatment

Power Retinol Intensive Repairing Professional Programme – In-Salon Treatment

Triple retinol activity for maximum rejuvenating effects. Highly potent retinol
complex. A perfect synergy of three highly
rejuvenating ingredients. Maximum concentration of pure retinol (0.15%) in a single professional session*.

Power Oxygen In-Salon Treatment

Power Oxygen Skin Advanced Programme & Pollution Block In-Salon Treatment

Pollution and lack of oxygen are two major problems facing our skin on a daily basis. Power Oxygen’s double “City Pollution Block + O2” action protects the skin from environmental pollution and gives it the oxygen it needs.

Expert Cleanse Pro – In-Salon Treatment

EXPERT CLEANSE PRO 10-step in-salon treatment.
The expert cosmetics line in facial skin hygiene. Perfect for deep cleansing and preparation of the skin before any facial treatment. A unique combination of skin hygiene and health, together with concern for the environment CLEAN SKIN & CLEAN COSMETIC.

The 100% ECO-FRIENDLY range, containing pre- and post-biotics to stimulate and protect the skin’s microbiota. With biodegradable ingredients and recycled/recyclable packaging. Our exclusive CARE CERTIFICATE guarantees our active commitment to sustainable production and packaging.


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