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Compact Make-up Blue Light Technology SPF 50+


Compact make-up with extra high SPF 50+ sun protection. Formula featuring exclusive BLUE LIGHT TECHNOLOGY. Protects our skin by directly blocking HEV blue light rays.

A facial make-up offering a wide range of protection, perfect for high-risk skin types or those that are sensitive to the sun. With a cream-powder texture which is free from oils. In addition, it provides you with a long-lasting tan with a matte satin finish and it is available in 2 different tones. When applied with a sponge, the skin instantly appears velvety and remains looking impeccable throughout the day.


All skin types.


Blue Light Protection.

SPF 50+ Sun Protection.

Velvety Skin


It is applied just like a cream by using a sponge. Spread a generous amount on your face before being exposed to the sun. Applying a smaller amount significantly reduces protection. Don't spend too long in the sun even if using a sun protection product.

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