Q10 Supply Mask


Corrective mask formulated to stimulate the synthesis of the natural emollients that generate the skin's protective layer. Contains antioxidants that sufficiently protect the skin against free radicals caused by a poor protection and promotes the correct use of oxygen in the cellular respiration, producing a deep oxygenation of the tissues.


Dehydrated skins.


Coenzyme Q10 A,Wheat germ, Yeast, Hyaluronic acid,Red seaweed, Rose petals.


Apply the mask to perfectly cleansed skin, which has previously been treated with the selected phial. Put the contents of a sachet of the gel phase and add a sachet of the powder phase in a bowl. Mix together with a spatula and apply over the skin. Apply a generous layer over face, neck and chest. It is necessary that the layer is thick to improve its occlusive action and for it to be removed easily. Leave to act for about 15 or 20 minutes and remove in one whole piece.

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