Regenerating collagen veil mask


Freeze-dried collagen fibre fabric in the shape of a three-dimensional matrix that acts simultaneously as an active ingredient and also as a substrate for quickly and effectively releasing substances. The high adhesion power to the corneous layer, the mask can attach to the skin and maintain its results for a long time. It also helps to protect the skin against external aggressions during the renovation process, leaving the face feeling silky and velvety smooth.


All skin types.


Colagen veil, Silk proteins.


Make a few cuts in the REGENERATING COLLAGEN VEIL at the level of the eyes, nose and mouth, like a mask, and place it over the face. Then wet it with a piece of cotton wool soaked in the REGENERATING SILK PROTEIN SOLUTION with hyaluronic acid or if preferred, use the spray included in the package. Gently press the mask to adapt it to the contour of the face. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wet it again with the REGENERATING SILK PROTEIN SOLUTION with hyaluronic acid. Remove the mask like a wrapping, from the neck to the forehead.

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