Hygiene Kit 1,2,3... Essentials for oily skins View full size

Hygiene Kit 1,2,3... Essentials for oily skins


Do pores and excess shine prevent you from revealing your clean and healthy skin? With the Cleansing Kit for oily skin, you will be able to combat open pores and excess sebum. Offer the best solution for oily skin in just 3 steps.

Discover the 3 facial hygiene routine kits 1, 2, 3 ... ESSENTIALS


For oily skins.


1.- Cleanse
Gently apply the pure cleansing foam to dry skin. Leave for a half a minute and remove with plenty of cold water.
2.- Scrub
Apply the exfoliating scrub on dry or damp skin, and friction rub with circular motions. Rinse off with plenty of water.
3.- Iluminate
Apply a generous amount of the iluminating peeling mask amount to face and neck with gentle exfoliating maneouvres. Leave for 5 minutes, remove with a tissue and rinse with water.


- Pure Cleansing Foam 150ml. Clear Balance

- Exfoliating Scrub Essential Tube 50ml.

- Illuminating peeling Mask Fruit Jam 25ml.

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